Monarchy & Money

In monarchies, power, law, finances, and economy were and are intertwined aspects of the royal household. Analysing the economic and financial resources of a monarchy, a dynasty or a court therefore also has implications for assessing the development of a realm or a state. Although historical research has considered monarchical rule at courts in general, there is still a need to analyse the administration of money and resources at court, the decision making behind patterns of expenditure and resource utilisation, and the strategies of royal investments.

Economic and financial aspects of monarchical rule are still mostly lacunae in historical research, and also directly relevant for current affairs. We want to address this gap by bringing together senior and junior scholars interested in the topic in a research seminar series (online, associated with the University of Oxford). Furthermore, this website will in time offer resources for researchers, such as announcements for events, cfps, new publications, an ever-growing bibliography on the topic, and in future a glossary for possessions of royals, especially queens and royal women.

These resources are updated regularly, please get in touch with us if you want to contribute, e.g. if you can add to the bibliography (other languages than English are welcome), or to the glossary.

Economic History of Monarchy Seminar Series at the University of Oxford

Upcoming Events

October/November 2021 – Michaelmas Term

25 October: Sebastian Ottinger, Nico Voigtländer (UCLA): History’s Masters: The Effect of European Monarchs on State Performance
1 November: Lorenzo Bondioli (Columbia): The Fiscal-Commercial Complex: Taxation and Capital in Fatimid Egypt
29 November: Milinda Banerjee (St Andrews), Laura Clancy (Lancaster), Aaron Graham (Oxford), Ilya Afanasyev (Oxford): Roundtable on Political Economy and Monarchy

Past Events

February/March 2021 – Hilary Term

1 February: Amalie Fößel (Duisburg-Essen): Marriage and Property. Some basic thoughts on the finances of medieval queens
15 February: Nico Dogaer (Leuven): Putting the king in his place: Reflections on the ‘royal monopolies’ in Hellenistic Egypt
1 March: Paul P.T. Bovend’ Eert (Radboud): The Royal Income: The Legalities of the Dutch Royal Finances in the 20th and 21st Centuries

May/June 2021 – Trinity Term

10 May: Ferdinand Eibl (London): Royal Inc. in Morocco
17 May: Christina Petterson (Australian National University): Colonies, companies, counts, and King. Money and nobility between the King and his colonies
7 June: Christa Birkel (Munich): Pledging and Politics. The Example of the Late Medieval Duchy of Luxembourg
14 June: Roundtable on Economic History of Monarchy with Luc Duerloo, George Tridimas, and Ellie Woodacre

Recent Publications

Book Series Studies in Monarchy & Money. Royal Economic, Business, and Financial Histories

Flyer Book Series

Cathleen Sarti (ed.), Women and Economic Power in Premodern Royal Courts (Gender and Power in the Premodern World), Leeds: ARC Humanities Press, 2020.